Earth Guardians

Dear Incredible Solutionaries,

There is no doubt we are up against some of the most challenging issues we’ve ever seen. With the election of Donald Trump came a government blatantly interconnected and controlled by the fossil fuel industry, which means massive attacks on our human rights and the environment are possible.  Even so, we find hope, inspiration, and motivation to do the work necessary to create the just and sustainable planet future generations deserve. As our Youth Director, Xiuhtezcatl, says, “The greater the challenge, the higher we will rise to meet it,” and that is exactly what Earth Guardians intends to do; rise up, make our voices heard, take action, and show that we will not stop until we break free from fossil fuels and environmental injustices of all kinds!

Our organization is primarily made up of people whose voices weren’t heard during this election because they were ‘too young’. Yet, this generation is going to be the most affected by the choices being made today. We owe it to future generations to change our world today, so that they can have a tomorrow. Now is the time for action and we must do it together. Climate change is the greatest issue of our time, and is affecting us throughout all movements, so it’s time we come together to support each other! We believe the weight of the world is lighter when we all lift together, so, in a time when our government is pushing hate and division, the only way to move forward is with love and connection - connected to ourselves, each other, and the planet.

Thanks to incredible Earth Guardians all over the globe who are taking action in their communities to create positive change, we find the strength and motivation to continue doing this work in the face of the incoming administration. Every day we are re-inspired by the hard work, dedication, and solutionary mindset of the youth taking leadership to build a world that works for them and future generations. It’s obvious that the systems running don’t work anymore, and we realize that we can no longer use the same tools that helped create the problems. Creativity and imagination are some of our best allies during these times of change, and we believe activism should be approached in a more light-hearted manner. It’s time to start having fun with it; start monkeywrenching the system in every beautiful, artistic, positive way we can think of!

Our advice to activists everywhere:

● Start using your passions to change the system; this will awaken a whole new drive for what you do.

● Think outside the box; this gives you the freedom and ability to come up with creative and innovative solutions.

● Focus on the solutions instead of the problem; when you do this, you have the ability to stay positive in your mindset which is much healthier than being drawn down the rabbit hole of negativity.

● Ask for the youths’ input; young people are powerful as we are not yet constricted by the box society is trying to create around us, which gives us the ability to see things with a different perspective.

● Partner as much as possible. When we work together, in a solution based, intersectional, intergenerational, and creative way, it’s more likely that we will be successful.  

Earth Guardians is a solution based, nonviolent, intergenerational, and climate justice oriented group of changemakers who are ready to make the world a better place. We believe in the powerful genius the youth have, and, as we rise up, we will show that a world which works for all of us is not only possible, but is being created every day we take action in our own lives and our communities. So, in the light of a collapsing world, what better time to be born than now? We are the game changers. We get to change history and be known as the generations that brought forth a healthy, just, and sustainable world for every generation to come. Together, ourmimagination and creativity can transform, heal and rebuild the world; will you join us?

In Solution,

The Earth Guardians

(Written by Aidan Ferris, Global Crew Director on behalf of Earth Guardians)

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