Marc Bamuthi Joseph

Dear cultural gatekeepers,

We have a sincere task: speak a creative truth when the truth is creatively abused in unprecedented ways by our country’s unpresidential head of state. When the president stood atop the Capitol steps on Inauguration Day, it was clear that these are not the times to look up for inspiration.

I’m an artist. I don’t look up, I look around, and I question everything …

Can we imagine a citizenship culture based on mutual recognition, mutual respect, and dignity?

How do we weaponize love?

Penny Arcade

Dear Young Seeker

I am writing my letter to the revolution to you and to you specifically because you are that rare creature, the seeker. You do not really feel comfortable in any group, you do not have an identity made up of 7 adjectives that box you into a group with both the privileges of “Belonging” and the mental suffocation that comes from belonging to a such a “‘group”.

Justin Vivian Bond

New Years Eve 2016


At the other end of the night
there will be a band playing
songs only you know I like
and there will be cake
-yellow cake with pink icing.

There will be a fallen tree
covered with moss to sit on
or even lay down on
if the mood strikes
and most likely it will.

There will be no reason not to relax except a desire for some other

The air will be fresh
and only slightly humid
-just warm enough
to make your skin glow
and rise to my touch.

Abigail DeAtley

To those with a body who are feeling unseen by the incoming administration,

Planned Parenthood of New York City sees you, and we will continue to see you, no matter what.

You have a body, and caring for that body may be about to get tougher — although let’s be real: did it ever feel easy to begin with?


Hey Gaybies,

How are you? No, it’s OK — I know how you are. Things aren’t great. I’m not feeling great either. But, you know, it’s OK — we’re all freaked out. And it just means our eyes and ears and all of our head holes are taking in information accurately, and our poor little aching hearts are processing that information appropriately. And all the resulting fear or despair or fury or crippling anxiety — that is all fully warranted. So at least we aren’t all depressed for no reason! We’ve got really good reasons! We are united in sadness and terror. And we have been before.

Justin Sayre

Dear Darlings All,

The night of the election, I watched the results roll in from one state after another, turning a red that seemed bloodthirstier with each passing result.

I said aloud, “The course of my life changes tonight.”

Dirty Martini

Dear everyone (of every gender, skin tone, bodily arrangement, assignment given or achieved in the Universe known or unknown in perpetuity now and in the hereafter),

Cristy Road

To queer youth of color,

It sucks to be familiar with the sense of impending doom. You might have survived being socialized cis or straight in a queer body. You might have survived institutionalized racism, the gentrification of your home, and the fight to preserve your culture. You might have survived your given family. You might have survived the realization that your home is on a minefield; dirt, grass, concrete and tiny wildlife under siege.

James Lecesne

Dear Queerblings,

Like many of you, I was in shock the morning after the election. How could this be happening? I entered the day and stepped into a rearranged landscape with so much trepidation and yes, fear. This is a landscape that I had prevented myself from imagining. But here we are. In a new reality. And I am thinking of you, the younger generation, who has so much to do now and such a heavy lift ahead of you. 


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